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About me

    Growing up in Charlotte NC, Moving out to the little river town of Wilmington NC 5 years ago, I began my journey in music. 

     I actually came here at 21 uninterested in persuing music, I wanted to be a craftsman. An accident, a right moment, a right place, and a right time. I walked into Buzz-roost asking if they had live music, and low and behold I have my first show booked. From the moment I walked onto that little 4x4 slab of wood stage and started singing, I knew I was meant for this.

        I started writing music on my father's guitar, he left it behind after a hard fight with lung cancer. A folk singer in the making, with a deep baritone voice, I wrote my way into the hearts of WIlmington. Performing for festivals, and showcases, and cancer benefits, I wanted to take this as far as I could.

     I grew up on the beatles music, and took inspiration from my fascination with nature, and traveling. I backpacked Europe and traveled on a budget to get the full experience. It's the little moments. My love for adventure played a big part in my music. I always wanted to explore and enjoy youth.
        Soon, I was able to turn a small time hobby into a full time business. Now a proud performer and an ever-changing, ever-growing musician, I want to leave a mark in music.


-Jarrett Raymond-

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